Thursday, June 23, 2011

Point Reyes field trip (June 18, 2011)

My apologies for not blogging for ages! As John says, I've been living instead of blogging, which is true. I've been having such a good time that it seemed silly to be writing about living when I could actually be doing it. But, I realize that some of you have been taking my silence as something to worry about it, so I'm here to reassure you that all is well.

Here are photos from our last field trip, with our favorite homeschooling buddies. It was a beautiful warm day at Drakes Beach in Point Reyes. We had intended on participating in their junior ranger program -- reading through an activity booklet, completing the activities, and earning our badges,...but it was just too gorgeous of a day and the scenery was so breathtaking that we just had to enjoy the day and go with the flow of the children's energy. They ended up creating a "restaurant" on the beach, serving up seaweed burgers and noodles. Their kitchen was complete with a grill and a hole for a trash can (which they had to empty on more than one occasion!). And for some reason, they also buried the Greek god Poseidon just outside their restaurant. Wonder how he ended up there!

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cool photos!