Sunday, January 02, 2011

I've lost that looming feeling

I'm sitting here at my dining table feeling a little bit at a loss. Usually, I have many projects and tasks looming over me, awaiting my attention. I probably still have some left to do, but right now, I feel like all the big ones are done -- am I actually twiddling my thumbs? It's a bizarre sensation, to not have a messy house to clean (which is almost always the case), to not have homeschooling lessons to plan (got that done last night), to not have cooking to do (all done for the day), to not have...ah. Yes, I do have laundry! Thought there had to be something! But laundry can wait. I think I'll go enjoy this precious free moment to play some piano. I'll work on my Chopin nocturnes, just in case I will have to pull them out to play for a couple friends who seem to be intense fans of my interpretation of Bartok.

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Atishay jain said...

oh thats great i like your post i like to hear more from you in future