Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Maylin is an official Junior Ranger!

Social studies isn't a subject that comes naturally to me as a homeschooler. Many suggested topics haven't sustained much interest for Maylin. But, we did discover the World Heritage in the U.S. Junior Ranger Program which provides awards for completing a 10-page booklet about World Heritage sites. This was the first time Maylin was really interested in social studies (besides making her own maps and improving her map skills) -- because she could look forward to receiving a badge, map, and certificate. She received them today and she said she felt very excited, and I'm sure, proud, as well. Maylin learned a little bit about the world and a lot about what makes a World Heritage site. I hope she'll be interested in earning other Junior Ranger badges through the National Park Service. Click here for the World Heritage in the U.S. Junior Ranger Program, and click here for other Junior Ranger programs under the National Park Service. The latter site also has curriculum and field trip info for teachers as well.

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