Monday, June 14, 2010

Art project: Styrofoam printing

Paint (I used paint for silkscreening because I thought we were going to do t-shirts, but we didn't; tempura should work just fine)
Completely flat, hard, smooth surface for rolling paint (e.g. piece of glass or marble)
Brayer (found in art stores; mine is a rubber one with a plastic handle by Speedball)
Flat piece of styrofoam (cut from a meat package, for example)
Card stock or paper (I prefer card stock)

Draw picture onto styrofoam with pencil (not too lightly, not too harshly). Words will have to be inversed if you use them. Pour some paint onto your hard surface (I used a piece of broken marble salvaged off the street in Paris). Use a brayer to roll over the paint (try to get an even layer of paint on your brayer). Roll the paint evenly onto your styrofoam drawing. Place styrofoam, paint-side-down, onto your card stock. Press down on the styrofoam (be sure to press on the edges as well), releasing the paint onto the card stock. Remove styrofoam, and voila! You have a cool print! You may have to do many prints until you get the perfect one -- it takes practice getting just the right amount of paint onto the styrofoam (in a smooth, even layer) and pressing it down completely onto the card stock.

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