Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Raising butterflies

For Christmas, Maylin got a "butterfly garden," which consisted of a collapsible mesh "cage" and a coupon redeemable for 5 caterpillars. We got our tiny, 1-millimeter long caterpillars in a plastic jar with their own food in February. Within a few weeks, they had grown into very large caterpillars (very hungry guys that could double in size in a day or two), formed their chrysalis, and hatched into their beautiful painted lady butterfly-selves. We fed them orange slices and released them in a couple of days, minutes before a rainfall. That was unplanned. I felt so sorry for them. One second they're thinking, "Freedom! I can fly!" Next second, "Crap! Now what do I do now?"

This was a great educational experience for the whole family. Too bad the chrysalis formation and the actual hatching happened so quickly we missed them!

More paintings

I posted these photos on Facebook, but forgot to put them in my blog. Earlier this month, I finished "Flying Owl" for another school auction, and Maylin posed with her beautiful painting which is hanging in our house.