Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lessons on simple machines for elementary school-aged children

Can you believe the whole family is sick with the flu? Stefan had it first, so he's much better now. The worst hit me earlier today. I have just enough energy to do some homeschooling research. Maylin was interested in learning about simple machines, but I never looked hard enough for really fun, engaging experiments/demonstrations. I found these online that look great and are not too difficult to put together. Mostly household items. I bought the game, The Way Things Work, but most of it is too advanced (or worded in a way that sounds too advanced) for Maylin. Other science projects in the works include growing bacteria in petri dishes, making our own secret formula for cola (even though Maylin hates soda), and growing crystals. When the rain ceases for awhile, we will start a little veggie garden. Do I have time for all this???

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