Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Maylin's first compilation CD

For one of Maylin's birthday presents, I put together a CD of her favorite songs downloaded from amazon.com. She picked all the songs herself. It was wonderful to see how happy she was to hear her own CD. Such joy! That was the best $13 I ever spent!

1. Axel F (Crazy Frog version)
2. Who Left the Dogs Out
3. Everybody Dance Now
4. Lollipop (that old doo-wap song)
5. Don't Walk Away (a Hanna Montana tune she heard on the plane)
6. Good Morning Baltimore (Hairspray musical)
7. I Can Hear the Bells (Hairspray)
8. Without Love (Hairspray)
9. That's How You Know (Enchanted movie)
10. Ever Ever After (Enchanted)
11. Axel F (original)

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