Saturday, November 14, 2009

Little furry bundle of joy

We've got a new puppy! I know, our wonderful dog Leo passed away recently, but Maylin was just crazy about getting a new puppy. Everyday she voiced her wishes. I thought it wouldn't hurt to look online. Found a great site,, which I believe specializes in rescue dogs because they were mostly mixes. You can do an advanced search by breed (mix), sex, age, and location. Our puppy was being fostered in Richmond, so it happened really quickly! I e-mailed our adoption application Wednesday night, the family met the puppy at his former home Thursday night, we got to take him Friday night for a short trial period, made our decision right away and turned in our paperwork today. I can't imagine how lucky we are! It was fate.

We are in love! Cody's a golden retriever-Australian shepherd mix (I was specifically looking for a retriever-shepherd because that's pretty much what Leo was -- we like that kind of temperament and look.

He is about 3 months old, tan and white, and is a real sweetie. Very obedient and learns quickly. He's only had a few accidents so far.

Let's hope I can get a photo up before he grows out of puppyhood!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about Leo. He was definitely slowing down when I visited with you. I don't know who loved Leo most, but my heart goes out to you all. I'm sure having Cody around will be helpful, fun, and probably aggravating at times, too! Enjoy getting to know him!