Monday, September 21, 2009

Stefan speaks!

Stefan was off to a slow start speaking, but I wasn't ever really concerned, though other people, including our pediatrician, were. Now, he's coming up with so many words each day. Today, he surprised me with "pink" when he pointed to his oil pastel (he also said "orange," but he's done that before). And yes, give your kids good art supplies now. Crayons are boring and pretty colorless compared to pastels, markers, and good colored pencils (Prismacolor are my favorites -- pricey, but check clearance sections in art stores). Anyways, Stefan also can recognize and recite eight letters of the alphabet and the numbers 1,2,4,5, and 8. When I'm homeschooling Maylin, he will often repeat what Maylin is spelling or reciting. How exciting! I know some kids Stefan's age are probably already speaking full sentences, but I'm not worried. Stefan can point to and say "steam" and recognize a multitude of objects, including construction equipment and vegetation. He also says "engine" for fire engine. Too cute!

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