Friday, September 18, 2009

Free skeleton cut-out

I thought I'd share with you a fun project that is totally free and educational! I hope I'll have time later to flesh out the details for you, but here's a general overview. You can probably figure it out. You'll need a scanner/printer, hole punch, brass fasteners, glue or glue stick, scissors, and a large cereal box (I used the front and back of a Costco Cheerios box).

Step one:

Print out this skeleton cut-out:

Step two:

You can stick with this size, though you'll end up with a smaller, 12-inch tall skeleton. Or, to get a nice, 24-inch tall one, you can cut out your needed pieces (I eliminated the bones holding ice cream) and print out, enlarging 200%. You will have to print out the skull/rib cage/pelvis twice (upper and lower) to get the entire length of it. The other pieces I scanned in 3"x4" or 3"x5" blocks (example, scanned an upper arm bone, a lower arm bone with hand, and knee caps together).

Step three:

Glue your pieces onto the cardboard cereal box and cut out.

Step four:

Punch out holes and insert brass fasteners.

Step five:

Play with your skeleton, learn about your skeleton (this link has a nicely-labeled skeleton:, and/or hang it up with a string or stick it onto the wall.

Hope to include some photos when Maylin begins work on it!

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Jennie said...

Thanks for the teachhealth link; I'll be using the worksheets with my fourth graders soon.