Friday, August 14, 2009

Emergency toy: stale cornmeal

When my concrete floor gets pretty dirty and I know I'm going to be vacuuming soon, and the kids are starting to melt down, it's time to haul out that stale cornmeal I've been saving for moments like these (stale cornmeal that I've been hiding from my husband because if he knew it was rancid, he'd toss it). I start out pretty conservatively, pouring about a cup into a broiler pan or a jellyroll pan (you can pretty much use any pan with a lip). The kids can draw pictures or abstract designs with their fingers. Stefan (almost 2 years) was proud of his curved lines. We reviewed his alphabet. Eventually, Stefan dumped the whole container out into the pan which meant it was faux beach time! Bring out the spoons and cups. Maylin and Stefan both had fun with this. Stefan then proceeded to empty the pan onto the floor. Game over! Time to vacuum!

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