Monday, June 01, 2009

Loving life

Hey, everybody. I actually have a few free moments to just sit and think. Things have been going great. We're all looking forward to summer vacation, especially Maylin. She cried last night, not wanting to go to school today. She had a tummyache, too. We are both affected physically by stress. I explained to her that it was normal and gave her all my symptoms of stress -- nausea, slight temperature, gastrointestinal problems, etc. Fortunately, by morning, she was not as bothered and I was able to get her to school. I wanted to stay for their school's assembly, thinking that we'd be able to catch the children's book author visit (but I heard it was later in the morning, not opportune for me), and ended up leaving early because Maylin didn't want me to stay. I might have mentioned this before. She usually doesn't want me to stay in the mornings to read with her in class like some of the other parents do because she's afraid she's going to get really upset later, not wanting me to go at all. Maylin's very much attached to me and is very clear about it.

Remember all the bread-baking I was doing -- all those sweets I was making? I really need to slow it down. You know that phrase, "You are what you eat"? Well, there's a wad of dough kind of hanging down the front of my mid-section. It's time for it to go. John has been very good and has been willing to watch the kids four times a week while I go to my hip hop classes. The exercise is covered, but my tummy is not easily satiated these days -- it's used to the onslaught of regular treats. I'm trying not to suffer through carb withdrawal -- I permitted myself some low carb toast, brown rice, and today -- uh hem, two pieces of Valrohna chocolate. The nutrition fact label said one piece was worth 240 calories! Ouch! I had to read it more carefully. It turns out each square was actually worth about 75 calories. Their one "piece" serving size was pretty hefty.

Gotta go pick up Maylin (and wake up Stefan from his nap -- darn!). This won't be a problem next year since we're homeschooling!!!

See ya!

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