Monday, June 01, 2009

Creature of habit/low-fat chocolate cake recipe

Darn! I just said I should ease up on the baking, but I can't help it -- I gave in and baked something sweet. But here's the compromise -- it was LOW-FAT chocolate cake. And it was a really small cake. Teeny-tiny. You'd probably have to triple it to fill an 8-in. square pan. The cake was delicious, moist, and perfectly chocolate-y -- and guess what? No butter, no oil, no shortening. The secret? Chopped dates! Here's the recipe if you want it. Great for that chocolate craving without going overboard. I put my batter in an 8 in. square pan to save time (no time to grease 12 tiny cupcake receptacles). The cake was really flat, but since I was just doing it for us, it didn't matter. I'll triple it for friends and extended family.

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