Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Camp Armitage day 1 and 2

The weather has been perfect for a kids' camp at our house. This is the first time I've done this -- pretty much a grand experiment of mine. I like working with kids, and there was definitely a need for a quality camp with varied activities. We have 7-8 kids (including Maylin) doing these day 1 and 2 activities: hip hop dance, singing, storytime, outdoor games at the playground across the street, trips to the park, baking (chocolate chip cookies so far), art projects (bean mosaic, bleeding tissue watercolor painting, clay, origami), indoor games (bingo), and face painting. I also prepare 2 snacks a day, with the kids bringing their own lunch. I have a parent helping at all times, so that's been really great. It's exhausting, but fun and challenging. I have to come up with some team-building activities now as personalities begin to clash and alliances begin to be formed. I need to do some homework tonight. Wish me luck!

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