Monday, May 25, 2009

Maylin loses two front teeth

Last week, Maylin lost her two front teeth and we started homeschooling unofficially! We had a meeting with our education coordinator (EC) at the charter school where she is enrolled in the fall and it was so great! It was like Christmas! We got to take home tons of resources -- textbooks, workbooks, math manipulatives, dominoes, and even a how-to pop-up greeting card book to borrow. And our EC totally thinks like me! It's bizarre! When I asked a question, she often had the perfect answer or solution. Oh, and I got to take home a cursive handwriting workbook for Maylin, which is normally for third graders, but I knew she'd be so into it. She's completed about 20 pages by now! She loves it!

Tonight, after we read our books in bed, she complained about a tummy ache. This time, she knew why. She didn't want to go back to school, and it hurt her tummy thinking about it. Then she asked how many days of school were left. I told her 14 days. She was excited and relieved at that point and said her tummy instantly felt better. Phew!

Here's a couple photos I took today. She did a really cool "sculpture" in the carport with some nature items from the front yard.


Susan in Minnesota said...

Hi Caroline and all -

It is great to see Maylin and her mouth - how cute! I also like your paintings. Wish I could be at the auction to bid on them. We still have our snail painting that you did hanging in the sun room. He looks terrific. We are all well here.

- Bob, Susan, and Jasper in Minnesota

Caroline Jou Armitage said...

Glad you're all doing well! Thanks for the compliments. Hope you can come back out here sometime soon!