Sunday, April 26, 2009

Everything from scratch

Well, almost everything. I am weaning myself from as many processed food items as possible. I don't buy cookies anymore. I bake them all myself from scratch. I try to avoid buying bread -- I can bake it myself. Pizza? I'm doing it on my own now, sauce and dough. Ice cream? Homemade. Oh yeah, it's a lot of work (mostly planning), but it's worth it. I like being self-sufficient, and I also like knowing exactly what I'm ingesting. I hate looking at the ingredients on a package of cookies or crackers and finding things I don't recognize and things that I do that I know are bad for you. No more transfats! I don't bake with shortening anymore (there's a load of transfats right there). Of course, I'm still going to buy an occasional package of hot dogs for the kids (but no nitrites or nitrates!) and some frozen potstickers -- although I'm feeling much more comfortable making my own now. I just have to learn how to make my own wrappers -- which I hear is simple but seems really time-consuming.

Life is very food-oriented these days. I have to really be organized to make sure I've got about two loaves of healthy bread baked a week, homemade cookies for Maylin's hip hop class snack, and meals made of mainly whole foods. It might be interesting to find out if I'm saving money going this route. I'm definitely saving money in the bread category. I always feel like the supermarkets are robbing me when it comes to bread. Come on -- over $4 for a little loaf of whole grain bread? And I know it's $2 wholesale. And it's even cheaper when I make it at home.

Okay, gotta check on the bread. See ya. Eat well. Take care of that body. Everything hinges on your health.


Michael Huang said...

I saw this article in slate this morning, and thought it'd fit in perfectly with your scratch cooking.

Caroline Jou Armitage said...

Thanks, Mike. Perfect. I'm glad that the homemade stuff turned out to be more economical in her analysis, but she fails to leave out the even bigger long-term win through health benefits. Hopefully, I'll be reducing my medical bills by avoiding cancer through an avoidance of transfats, as found in a store-bought cracker like Ritz. Everyone, watch out for the words "partially hydrogenated." Transfatty acids right there. Should be banned since these substances damage our cells, resulting in cancer!!!