Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My boy at 18 1/2 months

Stefan can occupy himself quite nicely with a box of cars or even some books. Sometimes, when it seems too quiet, I'll ask Maylin where Stefan is. She'll reply, "He's reading in my room," and there he'll be...just sitting quietly next to the bookshelf with a book in his lap, looking at the pictures and delicately turning the pages with his beautiful, tapered fingers. Though he's not speaking very much (animal sounds are the preferred utterances at this point like "moo" and "rahrr"), he seems to be building quite a vocabulary as demonstrated by his ability to point to pictures of things that we ask him to locate. It always surprises me how quickly he picks up new words. Since last month, he's shown a growing interest in letters and numbers. He'll probably start reading early.

Stefan's still very loving. We were lying on the bed next to each other, with my face next to his. His arm was around my neck -- he kept pulling my face closer to his, encouraging a kiss onto his cheek. I don't remember how many times he repeated this action, but I was very happy to give him so many kisses.

He's also still very social and giving. He will often offer perfect strangers a beloved Hot Wheels or a dump truck or a train, and will not expect it back!

Nursing is pretty funny. I think I'd like to wean him around 2 years, but I'll play it by ear. It seems his desire to nurse has been ramping up. I love how he usually shows it. He'll come up to hug me and then try to lay down in my lap. How can I say "no"?


megc said...

What a cutie! So nice to hear how he's growing and developing. :)

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