Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Free online 3-D anatomical model of the human body!

One of Maylin's favorite activities to do with Mommy is to color in her anatomy coloring book (when I locate it, I'll give you the exact title -- it's actually used as a text in many educational settings). And boy, do we love the digestive system! I was looking online for a plastic anatomical model to buy if reasonably priced, but the only affordable ones were tiny! Not for little kid fingers! I mean, who wants to take out a stomach that's the size of a fingernail? Not me and not any other kid either. :)

I happened across this fabulous free resource online. Check out www.visiblebody.com. Watch the demo and you'll see how fantastic it is. You can study the all aspects of the human body in 3-D! I just started playing around with it and was able to isolate just the skeleton and digestive system. You can make organs disappear and reappear, you can rotate the figure in all directions, you can zoom in and out...it's great fun. Can't wait to show Maylin.

Be sure to download the plug-in after you activate your account and click the "launch" button otherwise, you'll see nada.

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