Wednesday, February 04, 2009

They amaze me everyday

My kids! What wonderful treasures they are! I have been enjoying them so much. Maylin continues to make beautiful artwork and her reading skills seem to have skyrocketed after the winter break. How did she learn so many words??? She read at an average level before, but now...she's just breezing through so many books! Reading isn't frustrating for her anymore. She really enjoys it! We have been continuing the Hooked on Phonics at home, and she says they haven't really done much reading at school, but I think all the writing she's been doing at school and at home have really helped. Also, perhaps all the time I spend reading to her. We're finally done with all of the Captain Underpants chapter books (lots of bathroom humor-type stuff) and we're now starting into the Chronicles of Narnia, to my relief. Maylin looks forward to it every night.

She also requests that I make her worksheets to do -- math, reading, spelling, telling time, sequence of events...and I'm so glad she doesn't get upset or frustrated when I correct her. What a great student she is. One especially fun activity for her has been M&M math where we use M&Ms to learn addition and subtraction. She gets to eat her manipulatives afterwards!

I want to write about Stefan, but I've got to go. Little free time these days!

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