Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sans oven

My oven died this week, just when I was ramping up my baking! Also, I had just checked out two bread-baking books, and purchased one from I am suffering from home-baked goods withdrawal...fortunately, we're redoing our kitchen pretty soon and I'll have a brand-new oven to use in April!

I had a mental breakdown last Friday. Over the last week, I started getting more and more depressed. I didn't figure it out until I finally gave myself a break by ignoring my family and holing myself up in my room for hours knitting. (Don't worry, John was watching the kids.) Stefan lost his precious second nap, which meant I lost two hours of free time to myself. Time during his first nap was going to cleaning the house. Now, I figured it out -- just let the house get dirty and keep my sanity!

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