Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tell me if I'm crazy

It's just after 8:00 pm and I just finished playing the first movement of a Bach partita on the piano. John gave the kids a bath and I enjoyed these free moments for some quiet music-making. The piece is very beautiful and relaxing, and I'm discovering, is more complicated than it looks. It's a two-voice piece at first glance, but when you listen to the line in the right hand, you'll hear another voice wanting to come out. None of my piano teachers ever taught me how to make these voices distinct from one another, but from listening to CDs of other pieces, I've figured it out on my own. It's very exciting to discover these hidden treasures buried in these pages of black dots and lines.

In my free time (rare as it is), you'll find me playing piano or violin these days. I'm afraid knitting has been put aside for the moment (the weather's getting warmer already). I would have a lot more free time if I didn't end up volunteering for lots of things and coming up with crazy ideas. Tell me if I'm loony to take all this on:

- Volunteered to teach two choir classes (kindergarten and first grade) after school starting in February
- Continuing to teach science to Maylin's class
- Volunteered to co-chair a large all-school cultural event (includes making school presentations, making flyers, organizing volunteers, etc.)
- Volunteered to start a brand-new newsletter for Maylin's school
- Idea: film a documentary; possible partner is mulling over my proposed topic now
- Idea: host a one-week music, art, and drama camp at my home over the summer

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