Monday, January 12, 2009

Evil gingerbread man

Almost two weeks into the new year! Hope everyone had a great holiday. We had a relaxing one. Spent a week with Grandma and Grandpa, and a week on our own in Berkeley. It really felt like a vacation! This is the second year of Christmas cooking making in our household. The spritz cookies were beautiful and delicious (Maylin LOVED using the cookie press and sprinkling sugar and candy sprinkles over the treats), and this year, I didn't forget to put the all-important GINGER in the GINGERbread men! I even iced them this year and had a blast decorating. I didn't know icing was so easy to make. Just add enough water to powdered sugar to get the right consistency for easy manipulation (not too drippy, not too pasty). I used the tip of a chopstick(!) for icing maneuvering. So here's evil gingerbread man, kidnapping two gummi bears.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Caroline!

I made THREE batches of gingerbread people this year! The 2nd two were of the same recipe, really yummy but I need to cut back on the butter to get them to a better consistency. The batter was too gooey to really cut, so I rolled and smushed into gingerbread people shapes. Then, because they all were slightly different, I let their shapes decide who they would be. The Royal Icing, the kind made of eggwhites, is my icing of choice! I put it in a sandwich bag (the ziplock kind), and cut a tiny piece off the bottom end to squeeze out the icing. Some favorites that materialized: Fat Boy (superhero!), the computer nerd in the middle of a hold-up (his arms were up!), and Richard Simmons. It was so fun! I'm not a fan of cooking, but I DO like to bake!

Love your blog, Caroline, keep it up!


Caroline Jou Armitage said...

Wow, that's a lot of gingerbread people! Thanks for the royal icing suggestion. I googled it, and it looks like it'd be fun to work with. If you want, I can post my friend's gingerbread cookie recipe which I used this year. I thought they tasted divine!

Thanks for the blog encouragement. I'll definitely keep going!