Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New addiction: knitting

A friend kindly introduced me to knitting last week. She forgot to tell me that this activity can be highly addictive! I cannot stop now! She showed me how to do the most basic stitch, and to learn more, I went to YouTube, of course, to watch knitting videos! The ones by cyberseams.com are great. Just go to YouTube.com and search "how to knit." Start with the basic stitch video -- you can do an entire scarf with what you learn from there. I've already finished two scarves and am a quarter of the way through another. I don't have the most beautiful stitch going yet and I get tangled up sometimes, literally, but I keep going -- keep plowing through. So, my scarves don't look perfect, but they're so fun to do and I'm getting better and better as I slowly figure out the nuances of knitting on my own. Maybe I'll get some photos up sometime.

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julia said...

Caroline! You need to go onto ravelry.com. It takes a couple of days for them to send you an invite, but once you get on, it's very addictive! You'll be able to log all your projects and browse infinite others.