Sunday, October 26, 2008

Many hats

In my twenties, I was so stressed about finding a career. My problem was finding ONE career. Now that I'm a stay-at-home mom, I find that I can dabble in about anything I'm interested in and not feel pressured in any way (I'm volunteering my services). I probably mentioned this before, but I've been teaching music and art to Maylin's class at school. I've been more interested in the art-teaching...the art projects really empower kids and let them explore their creativity. Creative kids have an outlet, and the kids who have difficulty in traditional subjects of reading, writing, and math, get a chance in building their self-confidence by making something for themselves. I just love seeing that.

I got to do some photography at a fundraiser at Maylin's school. Got many compliments on my work after posting my photos on a bulletin board in the school's main hallway. Everyone was really grateful. I guess this is what my photography skill was meant for -- at least for the moment. And I'm happy to help.

And since we're on the topic of photography, Maylin's school just had "Picture Day" with photos taken by LifeTouch. Now do they have a monopoly on school photography? I am sure they do. However would they be able to charge such high prices for the photos? I forked over $50 last year for a package. No more. Why should I pay too much money for photos that look so contrived when I can do natural-looking photos for free? And why can't we just buy one 8x10? They force you to buy the $50+ package to get it.

Some people from Maylin's school have referred to me as an artist. Made me feel pretty cool. I haven't made anything substantial for a long time, and yet, people still call me an artist after having sold two painting last year for a school fundraiser.

And now, I've been called a "dancer" a couple of times now that I'm taking two hiphop classes weekly at the gym and am in a December performance. I guess once you perform (or are committed to a performance), you become a "dancer"?

I may also get the chance to design t-shirts again (haven't done it since college). I'll keep you posted if anything comes of that. Once again, people love you when you do something for free. And I'll do anything if I love doing it.

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