Friday, September 19, 2008

Wardrobe makeover

I didn't have anything to wear. You know how women will say sometimes, "I don't have anything to wear!" Well, I truly didn't have anything to wear because my body has changed so much and because I had given away most of my clothes that didn't fit anymore (too small, but also too big). I am also getting tired of my standard solid black or gray color scheme and feel the need to express my artistic self though my clothing because our bodies are like canvases.

I visited Crossroads Trading Company and Buffalo Exchange in Berkeley and came out with some terrific finds! I have only bought second-hand clothing two other times, and this was by far the most fun clothes shopping I've ever had. The condition of the clothing is great, the quality can be quite high (some great names in design), and the prices are perfect. I always get bored with the selection in department stores, but in these two stores, you'll always find interesting stuff. I decided that I was going to wear more stylish things and more whimsical things. Because I want to be stylish and whimsical. I found an incredible Anthropologie ruffly wool cardigan (originally $118) for only $30 at Crossroads Trading. To get finds like this, you basically have to buy them the same day they get put out on the floor in the store. In other words, you kind of have to stop by everyday. At Crossroads, I also found a fun Paul Frank (google it, you'll get the idea) hoodie for $18. I got a cute Elmo t-shirt that says "Wanna play?" from Buffalo Exchange, as well as a Paul Frank long-sleeve tee.

Shopping is finally fun!

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of whimsical clothing ... I JUST NOW got pictures developed from The Beggar's Opera here at CSUH! And don't you look cute in those period clothes? I'm going to scan the pictures and email everyone I can still get ahold of! It was great fun to wonder what pictures were hiding on those ancient rolls, and now great fun to see them! (There were even some pictures of me and the girls from probably 11 years ago!)

I'll send them soon! :-)