Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lost luggage

I am not new to the whole lost baggage syndrome at the airport (someday, I'll get around to telling you all my worst experience ever). We flew to Ohio last week to visit family and due to a too hasty connection (due to a delayed first leg), my bag (with my clothes, Stefan's clothes, and Maylin's clothes!) didn't make it onto the second plane. Sleepily, we put in a request to have the bag delivered to our destination later that night (estimated 1 am delivery). (I apologize for all these parentheses, but I'm feeling too tired and too lazy to write properly.)

Anyways, the bag never showed up that night (they were to leave it on the porch). The next day, we checked the "status" of our bag on the internet and by phone (automated service). It said we would receive it within 6 hours after arriving at the airport, but that there may be some delays. Well, the delay got longer and longer. Finally, four days later, we head back to the airport to find out what's up. They tell us that it's already been delivered! To the wrong address, obviously. Turns out we gave them the wrong address -- "East" instead of "West," but the street is a horseshoe with the "East" part of the street turning into the "West" part. The delivery guy should have called us if there was any question, but he didn't. After getting back from the airport, we decided to drive along the street slowly to see if our bag was on any porches there by mistake. And sure enough, there it was at 6669 W. instead of 6667 E. According to the mail carrier, that house had been vacant for 4-5 months. My cell number was on the bag, so that explains no one trying to call us.

I was actually not bummed out too much about missing my bag because all I really needed was contact lens solution, diapers, and a toothbrush for Maylin (John had an extra one for me, fortunately). Access to a washer and dryer was key. It was kind of cool being able to live comfortably without all that STUFF.

By the way, all our belongings were intact in the the suitcase, but a bit on the soggy side. There was a storm the first night.

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