Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Stefan, wunderkind

Stefan has been a dream baby. Goes to bed easily around 8:30 pm every night, sleeps through the night (although now that he's got an eighth tooth coming in, he'll wake up occasionally starting around 5 am), eats just about anything (and a lot of it, oftentimes, more than Maylin at a meal -- Maylin's more of a grazer), loves books (makes this cute monotone sound as he flips the pages, like singing), loves his sister (still laughs when he sees her in the morning), and is a good athlete (he is a natural when it comes to balls -- a great toss every time).

He's also a musician. Last night, Stefan and I had a monotone singing session together! He has a beautiful voice. He would hold out these long tones, which sounded like an A-440. I echoed him with my face close to his. I thought it was the most beautiful music ever. Like Maylin was, Stefan is a high chair percussionist. Loves banging on that tray with both of his hands. He loves music and being sung to. Maylin didn't really care much for it when she was a baby.

Oops, gotta go. Kids crying.

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