Friday, August 15, 2008

Last days of summer

Maylin and I have been having a really good time the last couple weeks, ever since I started her on a more timely bedtime schedule. Going to bed at 11 pm results in temper tantrums the next day. I wonder why???

Yesterday, we walked to the Cal campus for a picnic snack on Memorial Glade, went to see the dinosaur bones (and buy some gummy worms), and then went off to the library for some computer time and to pick up the second installment of Captain Underpants. We had a picnic semi-lunch on a lawn on campus and then busted our butts climbing back up the hill (with Stefan in tow in his jogging stroller).

Maylin finished her marine bio class at the Berkeley Marina last week and made a few friends. Maylin said that this class was the best time she's had all summer -- topping clay class and Fairyland camp. They collected plankton, explored the bay through binoculars (her favorite part), printed t-shirts with REAL fish, and found microscopic creatures in the mud. Oh yes, they also did belly biology on the docks which I hope she'll show me how to do later.

I was going crazy not doing any creative things, but I finally made some rubber stamps after being inspired by some handprinting books at the MOMA bookstore. If I can disciplined (somebody kick my butt!), I'll photograph my work for you.

More later. Can't wait to tell you about Stefan.

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