Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Free time nonexistent

Hello, stranger. Sorry I've been out of touch for so long. I have barely enough time to read e-mails, and even less for responding -- so if you're expecting an e-mail back from me, expect a delay time of...oh, say, about a month or more.

Why do I have time to write now? It may not surprise you if you know of my early blogging history...I write in the middle of the night. This is my ONLY chance at peace and quiet, and time for myself. It's quite a glorious feeling, I must say, even though I am utterly exhausted. It's a bummer when I lose an opportunity to catch some zzz's. But, Stefan woke me up around midnight (wow, I actually got to bed before midnight this time -- only because, strangely enough, my head was freezing and I felt a headache coming's cold in here!) and after nursing him back to sleep, I am unable to relax my speeding mind to a state prepped for falling back asleep.

Voila, I am here, and am realizing how I may have lost many readers in the last month and a half. Oh well. What can I do. But if you're reading this now, you must be a diehard fan or a close relative. Thanks for sticking it out.

Anyways, you all are due for an Armitage update. You'll be happy to know that we're all hunky-dory. Healthy, evolving, living life as best as we can.

Maylin has been drawing up a storm. She has pictures Scotch-taped all over her redwood-walled room (side note: did you know that the French call Scotch tape just plain "Scotch"?). Her skills have been improving just beautifully. I have been bad about posting photos of her work...maybe I'll get around to it before she gets to college. :)

Bedtime for her is usually around 9 pm. Last night, I let her work on her book of horses. I had bought her a pack of four plastic horse figures and two plastic people to keep her happy during a recent shopping trip (yes, a bribe). She's been playing with them intensely on her own (I love imaginative play and listening to her act out various scenarios == I really should type out a transcript of it all). Yesterday, it was time to draw a portrait of each of the toys. So by 10 pm last night, she had bound her book with staples and written "the end." I know how good it feels to finish a project at the end of the day. And boy, how I miss it! Don't even ask me how many unfinished projects I have going. Actually, it's more like, how many unfinished projects have I not even started yet? Those projects are pure fantasy at the moment.

Maylin has been an excellent caretaker for her baby brother Stefan. She plays with him when I hit the showers sometimes. She keeps all the dangerous things away from him, or as she prefers, keeps Stefan away from the dangerous things by carrying him from place to place. It's really cute and Stefan really likes being toted around by big sister or "jieh-jieh" (in Mandarin). Maylin just adores Stefan. I love to see the love between them. Stefan still exclaims with delight when Maylin is in sight.

Stefan's personality is really showing through these days. He loves to entertain. You're most likely to see his routine right after a meal in his highchair. He'll do this funny squint (which we call "squinty, squinty") where his lower lids come up, making upside-down letter u's. After we laugh, he then proceeds to drop his head sideways to a shoulder, which looks so cute we have to say "awwwww". This will happen several times a day to all of our delight. I hope I'll have the chance to catch it on my camera.

He's still crawling and cruising (it's amazing how fast he can crawl!). He can stand for a few seconds. He walks with support, either holding our hands or pushing a toy.

Don't worry, I've been taking photos of him, but they just haven't been posted to flickr yet.

Last week, I was at my parents' with the kids, and pigged out big time (ice cream bars, my mom's great cooking), ruining all the progress I had made physically (with virtually no exercise). I had gotten down to a pound below my pre-pregnancy weight (I know, a shocker) and was pleasing myself and John very much with my new svelte self, but now I see a distended belly returning and it's scary! Breastfeeding can only use up so many calories. Time to get back to hardly any white carbs. Plus, I really need to get some exercise into my routine (what routine???). Fantasies of late: joining a gym, taking the kids down to the campus/downtown and then climbing back up the hill in a sweat, taking some evening dance classes...I'm good at fantasizing these days. Fantasize I can do -- it's what I do when I'm nursing Stefan to sleep.

I've taken one cardio hip=hop class that I will tell you about later. It'll shock you. Okay, I've got a little more oomph left. Will try researching a dance class. More soon, I hope!

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Polly-Vous Francais said...

Hi Caroline,
I just found your blog because I couldn't remember the name of the used clothing store somewhere in Montmartre --BINGO! Guerrisol.

Thanks. And my 21-year old daughter thanks you. We're heading up there this afternoon, before she heads back to the US on Wednesday.