Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shrieking Stefan

It's nice to do some short posts. I feel like I'm accomplishing something in hardly any time at all. Kids are in bed, I watched a little TV with John (watching TV is very rare in this cableless-by-choice household), and now a moment of peace. Ahhhh...did I tell you that at the very nice Garibaldi's restaurant last weekend, Stefan decided to shriek for the first time? Our first nice family dinner out since...Paris, I guess. Stefan, the easy, quiet, smiley baby, has found his lungs. He's starting to remind me of how Maylin was. A bit demanding -- loved to screech in high-pitched tones.

Usually, Stefan likes to "speak" or sing using "ada" or "aga." Speaking of singing, Stefan adores music. I tapped out a simple rhythm on an empty aluminum can and he started patting out a steady beat on his lap with both hands. Time seemed to stop for me. We kept our eyes locked on each other as we communed in music. I was totally in the moment, enjoying our musical connection. It was true communication with a 9-month-old baby through music.

Stefan ate his first canteloupe, turkey meatballs, and whole grain toast today! He devoured a meatball and a half! We certainly like meat in this house.

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