Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mommy occupational hazard

Who knew that sweet baby Stefan was a vampire? He starting cutting some teeth on top last week and took a couple bites of Mommy's shoulder that were painful enough to make me yelp. A closer look at the affected area revealed two tiny scabs. It has been confirmed -- babies can cause injury to adults!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My daughter graduates from kindergarten!

My darling Maylin was handed her certificate today. And tomorrow's her last day of kindergarten. Where did all the time go? The year went by so fast. I am looking forward to spending lots of mother-daughter time this summer. We won't have the Jardin de Luxembourg this time, but I'm sure it'll be a charming summer just the same.

Shrieking Stefan

It's nice to do some short posts. I feel like I'm accomplishing something in hardly any time at all. Kids are in bed, I watched a little TV with John (watching TV is very rare in this cableless-by-choice household), and now a moment of peace. Ahhhh...did I tell you that at the very nice Garibaldi's restaurant last weekend, Stefan decided to shriek for the first time? Our first nice family dinner out since...Paris, I guess. Stefan, the easy, quiet, smiley baby, has found his lungs. He's starting to remind me of how Maylin was. A bit demanding -- loved to screech in high-pitched tones.

Usually, Stefan likes to "speak" or sing using "ada" or "aga." Speaking of singing, Stefan adores music. I tapped out a simple rhythm on an empty aluminum can and he started patting out a steady beat on his lap with both hands. Time seemed to stop for me. We kept our eyes locked on each other as we communed in music. I was totally in the moment, enjoying our musical connection. It was true communication with a 9-month-old baby through music.

Stefan ate his first canteloupe, turkey meatballs, and whole grain toast today! He devoured a meatball and a half! We certainly like meat in this house.

No ambition to sell for the moment

Am I wishy-washy or what? Well, I found I got more satisfaction out of giving my paintings away! "un escargot" has relocated to Minnesota with some friends of ours. I'm still into the painting, but not into the selling. Maybe in the future. Will keep you posted here.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

My apologies

Sorry to be so out of it. Stefan has not been sleeping well at all at night -- waking several times. I think it has to do with his teething (his third and fourth teeth on top). The good thing is that he's eating all sorts of foods now. He'll take just about anything I offer him. We had dinner on College Avenue at Garibaldi's and it was excellent! Best dinner out I've had since Paris. Stefan even liked the apricot from John's cheese plate and the green mashed potatoes/peas from my halibut dish.

Stefan is crawling everywhere, so I really have only about 5 minutes a day on average on the internet. He also has a cold now, so he's fussier than usual.

Maylin's been her usual amazingly artistic self -- made beautiful stuff in her clay class and wows me with her drawings and paintings. But she's been especially clingy these days, ever since the kindergarten zoo field trip (I spent the whole day with her and her class). She cries almost every night, begging me to stay with her at school for the entire day. I've tried so hard to get her to explain to me why she's feeling this way. I was worried she was scared of something at school, but instead of her giving me a direct answer, she told me her more general fear: that she and I will get older, our faces will change, and we won't be able to recognize each other. I explained that our faces would change so slowly that we'd always be able to recognize each other, but I was unable to appease her.

More later. Stefan will probably get me up around 5 or 6 am and I will not be able to go back to sleep, therefore -- bedtime for me is now!