Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mommy distraught yesterday

Maylin and I had an awkward conversation yesterday morning at the bus stop. For some reason, I started talking about how she was more likely to listen to her teacher than to me. She was in silent agreement. And then, stupid me, I asked, "Does this mean you like her more than you like me?" Her reply which messed me up for the next six hours, "I'm not sure." I kept pestering her to make up her mind as I should not have done, but her reply was always the same. She was not in good humor boarding the bus and neglected to wave and smile to me from the window as she normally does. Broke my heart!

I told John about it immediately afterwards and he told me to forget about it, that kids don't know what they're talking about. I strongly disagreed. Especially when it comes to feelings, children can be more sincere than anyone else. Which is why this really bothered me. I did not bring up the subject with Maylin again after school and probably will never do it again. I'm happy that she likes her teacher so much and will just have to regard it as a different kind of love than the one she has for her Mommy.

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