Wednesday, April 30, 2008

There it is

Okay, is officially up but I'm not too happy with it. I will soon take my brother's advice and get a web host that you pay for. can definitely help you toss together a web page quickly, but if you're very picky with appearances, you will soon discover its limitations.

Onto other things...Maylin's Chinese classes have ended to everyone's dismay, but with Grandma visiting more often and summer vacation just around the corner, she may still be able to learn some Chinese.

We are temporarily taking a break from ballet classes (a more permanent break from tap) and hope to resume in the fall at a "more serious" ballet school. Her teacher was very nice, but I was disappointed by the lack of progression in her classes. One class looked very much like the other. One session resembled the previous session. I can't fully blame her since there are beginners coming in all the time, but those who take two or more sessions in a row should start learning short, simple routines, in my opinion. I've worked a lot with children, have taken dance as a child and as an adult, and I believe we can have higher expectations for our children. They are brighter than we think. Anyways, Maylin is looking forward to going to a new ballet school and leaving tap dance behind (didn't like it much) so I've got a lot of homework (research) to do.

Poor Stefan's crying -- just won't settle down for his nap. Gotta go.


Anonymous said...

maybe you should write children's stories featuring your own artwork. And I can have a famous children's author as a sister one day.

-lil bro

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