Friday, April 04, 2008

Playing tourists in San Francisco's Mission District

We had a great day yesterday. It was beautiful in San Francisco as we strolled along Valencia Street between 17th and 21st. Some great modern furniture stores, like Monument, artsy stores like Little Otsu, and quirky stores like Paxton Gate (my favorite). Paxton Gate had just about everything that is interesting to me. Reproductions of vintage paper theaters for children, insect collections (beautiful butterflies and rare bugs), old wrought-iron nails, beautiful crystals, stuffed mice dressed up in costume, hydroponic plants and succulents...all affordable. Reminded me a lot of Deyrolles in Paris, with all its stuffed animals and fantastic preserved insects for sale. X-21 was pretty cool, too. Authentic and fake Eames chairs, large antique operating room lamps, nautical lamps, a storage cabinet fashioned as a double-bass, a 9-foot tall plaster Superman,...

We all had fun at the thrift stores. Thrift Town on Mission was good, but Community Thrift Store on Valencia was even better. Maylin scored a Barbie car for $1.50, and I found a 250-piece Tinkertoy set (nearly new) for only $2.50 (retail new $50-130).

We had a yummy taco lunch at Los Coyotes, and a pricey Indian dinner at Dosas. Pricey, but excellent. Dosas are crepes which usually come stuffed with pureed potato and spices. John ordered a lamb curry, which had a delightful punch of cardamom. Overall, flavors were very distinctive and refined, and the service was top-notch. Just be sure to use the additional lock at the top of the ladies' restroom door...otherwise, a male employee might walk in on you with your pants down.

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