Sunday, April 13, 2008

Make, make, make

Inspired by a bookmaking activity on the Cal campus (U.C. Berkeley, my alma mater) on Cal Day, I began making my own books and cards today with heavy card stock, fancy origami paper, scissors, glue, a 1/8th inch hole punch (but I think I need to get the 1/16th), nylon string, and a bone folder (necessary for serious paper folding). Lots of fun, and Maylin took one of the books and began writing and illustrating her own story in it immediately. I love collaborating with her. One of her favorite things to do with me is to draw pictures for each other to color.

On Saturday, inspired by the decorations at the Picante restaurant in Berkeley, I made some tissue paper banners in the style of papel picado, Mexican paper cutting. It's a very simple activity, like cutting out paper snowflakes. I was hoping Maylin wanted to do it with me, but she let me do it on my own and was very excited about hanging them up on a string in her bedroom. It certainly looks festive. I'll try to get some photos up. [I might start a kid crafting blog. I get so much joy out of teaching kids how to make stuff.]

Saturday evening, I baked my first pound cakes. Wow -- they were amazing. I didn't know they could be so moist! I grew up on Sara Lee's which are rather dry, dense, and uninspiring (probably because they've been sitting in the refrigerated/freezer? section of the store for a long time). You have to get the Fanny Farmer Baking Book and try the Buttermilk Lemon Pound Cake recipe. Makes two loaves which will disappear in no time! I substituted fresh lemon juice for the lemon extract since our Meyer lemon trees are producing fruit like crazy. Cake has yummy, light lemony flavor.

After not making stuff for awhile, all this creativity made me feel great!

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