Sunday, April 13, 2008

Beautiful firsts

Stefan, my 7 month + 1 week-old singer, has started crawling! His first three "steps" were on Friday to reach some toys. Yesterday, another three "steps" to reach the Kleenex box and pull out a couple of tissues before Mommy got to him. And this morning, he's going full force to reach toys that Mommy has strewn all over the carpet.

He shocked me in San Francisco two Fridays ago when he clucked his tongue in imitation of me. (He always lit up with smiles whenever I clucked my tongue. He thought it was the coolest thing.) Who knew you could have a baby first in the restroom of a taqueria while changing a diaper?

Yesterday, he started pulling himself up in the crib. Not on his feet, just his knees, thank goodness. My little guy is growing up too fast!

He slept 7-hours straight last night -- unusual these days since he's been waking up around midnight, again around 3:30 am, and again at 6:30 am. Means Mommy's been really tired and unable to blog! And sometimes feels like she's losing her sanity!

[Addendum: today, he pulled himself up on his feet in the crib. Yikes! Looked so cute, but boy, I was a little scared and yelled to John -- "We need to lower the mattress!"]

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