Monday, March 03, 2008

O sweet revenge

I just got home after fighting in a car horn war. No, it wasn't really a war -- there was just some very impatient black BMW-driving female behind me who honked at me twice! I don't think anyone's ever honked at me before to hurry up. The first instance was when I was politely waiting for the pedestrian to safely cross the street. HONK! Gee whiz. Does she want me to run over this poor Cal student? Next intersection...HONK! Okay, I had started moving (feeling the pressure behind me), but hesitated because really, another car had the right of way. Still, that's no reason to rudely honk. At this point, I did feel like flipping off the driver on my tail. Instead, I just started driving slower and slower when in fact, I wanted to come to a full stop in the middle of the road just to tick her off. She cut around me when we came to a stop at the light, so I ended up following her this time. Oh, I was feeling so vengeful, but in a really playful way. I wasn't angry anymore, but thought with a sneaky smile, this could be fun. I had to accelerate to catch up with her and was hoping for an opportunity to honk at her. Two stop signs and no chance. Finally, at the next light going up the top of the hill, I honked at her the second the light turned green. I got my laugh in, she went her way, I went mine, and I'm happy.

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