Monday, March 03, 2008

Martha Stewart messed up

I hate to admit it, but Martha Stewart may be the high priestess of domesticity with style. Her website and magazines are often full of very useful information for homebound creative moms like me. Her ideas are always tasteful, elegant, and often very simple, too. And don't we love the gorgeous photography that accompanies them?

I often go to when I need a recipe fast. Usually, her recipes have been very successful for me. But this last time, when I tried the chocolate-buttermilk cupcakes, I was slightly disappointed. They tasted fine, but they lacked the moistness that I was expecting with the buttermilk. Plus, the recipe suggested the light cream cheese frosting recipe to accompany the little cakes. Blech! Yuck! Gross! Maylin had to go rinse her mouth out with water! Did anyone on the Martha Stewart food staff stop to think about this awful pairing of the cream cheese tanginess and the cocoa bitterness? Sweet and bitter, all right. Sour and bitter, no way.

I hardly ever watch any TV these days, so it was a rare moment when I happened upon the live Martha Stewart show. I commend anyone who is brave enough to take on a live TV show, but please, will you prep a little more beforehand? Ms. Stewart has a collection of kitchen gear for sale at Macy's now and on this show, she was obviously trying to promote them by demo-ing some of her "favorite" kitchen tools. But from what I saw, it looked like it was the first time she had ever held a manual citrus squeezer. I sat dumbfounded as she placed a half of a lemon cutside-down (that's upside-down!) into the squeezer. Just follow the shape of the squeezer! It's supposed to cup the lemon, not be at war with it. Martha puzzled why when she squeezed and squeezed it gave such poor results. Of course, she blamed the lemon itself. Next time, Martha, wear an earpiece (if you don't have one already) so you can hear the producers try to save you from embarrassment by telling you the right way to use those things.

Somehow, I'm still in awe of all the things she's accomplished. There's a little Martha Stewart in all of us.


Anonymous said...

Me think, tourist / new resident just moved from Southern California. Definitely NOT Berkeleyan.

San Diego Chinese Catholic Community (SDCCC) said...

Oops... clicked on the wrong post.... anyway, AGES ago, I found this Martha Stewart cookbook at Half Price Book on Telegraph (is it still there?) for $3. It's for "simple" (Martha's standard, of course) complete meals - salad/soup, main, AND dessert -- for all seasons.

Caroline Jou Armitage said...

Alas, Half Price Books has disappeared from Telegraph as well as Solano but has reincarnated itself on Shattuck Avenue near University. Much larger store.