Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kindergarten love

So far, Maylin has received two love letters from the same cute little boy in her class, but she's in denial. When she got the first one towards the beginning of the school year, she thought nothing of it. She got another one last week, but is convinced it's from a girlfriend, not him. (He didn't hand it to her directly and probably out of shyness, chose a middleman.) He signed it quite clearly, but Maylin says it's from a particular girl because she was told this by the messenger. Definitely some misunderstanding.

Anyway, I was helping out in Maylin's classroom this morning after teaching her classmates music, and as I was walking around, checking how everyone was doing with their writing assignment, I noticed that Maylin's admirer had covered the entire page of his little book with, "I love Maylin." He immediately flung his hand over the words as I came over towards him. Kindergarten love is so cute.

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