Tuesday, March 04, 2008

"Costume" changes galore

I was chatting with some other school parents this morning who happened to mention about their preschool girl who would frequently change her clothes in the morning -- often last minute right before going out the door. That definitely rang a bell for me. Maylin's gotten better in the last half year, I'd say. We try whenever we can to ask her to choose her clothes the night before -- this way we often manage to swerve off the path to chaos in the morning.

Maylin's clothing choices are quite limited (so it only takes a couple of minutes to make her selection) because her wardrobe is limited. She has had many opportunities for an expanded collection, but out of Grandma's gifts, unfortunately, only about 1 in 7 is a hit. I'm a little better with 1 in 5. How many times have I had to return clothing? Now it's routine for me. I buy what I think she'd like from the store, keep all the tags on until she's tried the items on, has shown genuine interest in them and has committed to wearing them regularly, and then I return all the clothes she's turned down (no ruffles, no bows, no ribbons, no extraneous pockets...basically, no frivolous decoration -- she's a minimalist like her parents). I hope Stefan will be a little less picky.

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