Thursday, February 21, 2008

Speedy reader

Maylin is learning to read so fast! It's a joy to hear her read to me and to watch her pick up new words so quickly. Just when I think the repetition is going to wear her down (in a book or with flashcards), she keeps plodding along and eventually soaks in a new word. We've been complementing her homework reading books with the Hooked on Phonics system, and I think Maylin is very happy with her success so far.

And with her excitement in reading, she has taken on writing with extra zeal. After school yesterday, we colored four pages in her fairy coloring book together and I suggested that she write a story to go with them. She decided on her wording and figured out her own way to add the text to the pages -- written on strips of white paper and stapled on. I helped her spell only a few words. I'm a proud mommy!

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