Monday, February 11, 2008

Paris movie binge

Sorry I've been out of contact for so long. Last week wasn't the best week. Stefan was really out of sorts and has been spitting up a lot more than usual. He's not much better this week. Add to that a sleeping problem revisited (remember when I couldn't go back to sleep for two hours after waking up in the middle of the night?). I was incredibly exhausted last week. My sleeping is much better now, but Stefan is still waking up every three hours (yes, I thought he was going to start sleeping through the night, but that never happened) so I'm not getting a great night's sleep. At least I am sleeping some.

Even though I love Berkeley, there's still a part of me that's back in Paris. An alternate Caroline in a parallel universe -- and she's having a great time in Paris. Here are a few movies I've watched lately (thanks to the Berkeley Public Library and Netflix) that help take me back to that other city I love so much:

Paris, je t'aime/Paris, I love you
Le ballon rouge/The red balloon
Les quatre cents coups/The four hundred blows
Fauteuils d'orchestre/Orchestra seats (American title: Avenue Montaigne)

I highly recommend "Le ballon rouge" -- a whimsical, wordless short film, and Truffaut's masterpiece, "Les quatre cents coups." The other two are good, too, but these oldies are special.


mama flo said...

Hey Caroline!
I love to read your blog.
It is really good to hear from you AND to see you all.
I can understand your "nostalgie de Paris"...
I like the slideshow function very much but I cannot find the way to put it on my blog. How did you do??? Heeeeeeelp.
A bientot et bonne nuit

Caroline Jou Armitage said...

Thanks for the comment. Hope you got my e-mail about the slideshow function. I'll check out your blog to see if you've got it up and running yet.