Thursday, January 17, 2008

What's happenin'

Well, I only have a moment to blog, so here's my life at the moment in bullet-points:
- Maylin started ballet and tap last Friday; she was so pretty in her pink leotard, tights, and skirt (and a pony-tail!); she has two friends joining her from school -- it was her idea to invite her friends to dance with her; photos later
- I started teaching music to Maylin's class which is so much fun!; I haven't taught since 2002 but it all came back quite naturally; not something I could imagine doing all day long, but fun to do for 20 minutes once a week; I also showed them my violin since John was home to take care of Stefan; I taught them the anatomy of the violin (and fiddled a tune afterward, "Boil the Cabbage Down"), the concept of low and high notes (we're working on it), and introduced them to several folksongs through the Kodaly method which I studied years ago
- Yesterday, my father's birthday, Stefan rolled from his tummy to his back for the first time (or at least the first time we noticed); I didn't even get to see it happen even though I was sitting right next to him on the floor (Stefan flipped to his tummy, I turned to talk to John, and while I was talking, Stefan had flipped over to his back); this all happened on his playmat (Amazon link later)
- Stefan jumping like crazy in his Johnny jump-up (I'll give you the Amazon link for that, too)
- Stefan had his four-month visit two Mondays ago and we discovered that he's 95th percentile in length! We know where he gets that from! His 6'5" daddy!
- We've had some gorgeous, clear days here. Walking Leo in the Berkeley hills affords me great views of the San Francisco Bay. How lucky we are to be here!
- I am singing this Saturday in an informal Works-in-Progress performance. I'm bringing John and the kids. Still don't know what I'm singing! My voice has gotten quite rusty in just the last couple of months. I've been too occupied to sing (besides nursery songs mostly to Stefan). I've a bit of my higher register which I hope I can revive in these couple of days. Otherwise, I'll sing a mezzo-soprano piece!
- I finally hooked up our wireless network so I can use the computer anywhere in the house! Freedom!
- I am thinking of setting up some online shop to sell some of my creations. But I have a lot of things to think about first. Name, banner/logo, logistics of shipping, whether or not to design my own site or use a host, etc. Might take awhile.
- Oops, forgot to say that Stefan can also sit up if he holds himself up with his hands. It's really cute. And he loves having the better vantage point. Oh, I also had him "skate" across the dinner table on his butt. In figure-eights. I had him facing away from me, held his waist, and gently maneuvered him around. He was so happy. Baby version of an amusement park ride. Maybe the teacups?

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