Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Stefan's first music lesson

20 minutes isn't that long to have a baby on your lap while you're teaching a music lesson. I did have decreased mobility, but somehow managed to lead the kindergarteners in the "Snail Song," with everyone holding hands and walking in a spiral. I also tickled a few hands with my little frog puppet while we sang, "Frog in the Millpond." Instead of dancing with them this time in the "Teddy Bear Song," I had kids come up in threes to sing in front of everyone else (and hold one of my teddy bears). Boy, did they love "performing." I think they liked the applause afterward, too.

Stefan was a dream the whole time. He's always loved music. Calmed by my music-playing and charmed by my singing. When I sing to him, his face really slight up! It makes me feel great! I've found my biggest fan!

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