Saturday, January 19, 2008

Multilingual Maylin?

Unfortunately, Maylin is resistant to speaking French. If I start speaking in French, she tells me to stop. (And my accent's pretty good! Can't say the same for her father. hehe) So if she refuses to speak, she at least has to listen to it. If I can remember, at least once a week for an hour, I will speak only French to her. And now she has to watch her movies in French once in awhile. Have you ever watched Disney's Cinderella in French? Very cool.

Now, for the Mandarin, we're hoping her new sing and play class will get her into it. It starts in a little over a week. Also, Grandma's speaking to her in Mandarin when we get together, and my brother will be bringing her lots of Chinese cartoons on DVD. That should be good for me, too.

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