Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hello, everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Funny, I always have plenty of ideas to blog when I'm not on the computer, and now that I'm here, my mind is blank! Well, I can always give you an update on where I am on my projects:

(1) learning the cello (on hold for the moment)
(2) writing a children's book (on hold)
(3) baking and decorating cakes (may begin soon)
(4) baking and decorating cookies (did a lot Christmas eve and Christmas day; would like to try a different cookie recipe once a week -- maybe too ambitious)
(5) make greeting cards from my stamp prints or photos to sell (may begin soon)
(6) teaching Maylin violin (to start this week!)
(7) volunteering to teach music to Maylin's class (very soon)

A lot of these are on hold because I feel the need to get the house in order before jumping into all the fun stuff. The back room/office has become my dumping ground ever since we moved back. There's less and less floorspace and it's starting to really bug me. I won't have a sense of peace until everything's found its rightful place in the house. And this back room is very uncozy -- would like to put a convertible sofa and some rugs to warm and soften this stark, dark, uninviting space.

Plus, John has gotten a lot of work done on the house so there's dust everywhere. Dirty and disorganized is really unsettling to me.

Otherwise, things are going great. Maylin has been the best little helper with Stefan and Stefan is still the happiest baby ever. He's starving and he has a poopy diaper, but he's still smiling!

He is pulling himself up to the seated position but still needs assistance otherwise he topples over. His abs and neck are STRONG! Spitting up less milk, but is drooling tremendously and gnawing/sucking on his fists. He is officially teething! Wow, Stefan's four months old today, isn't he. He's so cute now, I don't want him to grow up! We all live for his smiles.

My dad, the pediatrician, says it's time to start Stefan on solids. At four months, I started Maylin on solids and wasted baby food until she was eight months old. She rejected every spoonful and frustrated her mommy considerably. This time, I'm going to wait until Stefan shows obvious signs of interest in eating (should be evident when he's watching us eat at the table). I'll keep you posted.

Maylin's drawings are getting pretty amazing. She's much better than when I wasa five. After watching Bambi, she drew a beautiful picture of Bambi and an owl in a tree, both animals facing away from the viewer so that you only see the backs of their heads. This is a first. And, this is her first deer. Also, she's drawing more side profiles of people. Geez, I drew people from the front for years! I still do!

I believe she still wants to be an artist (as she clearly stated in the car on the way to Corsica back in April 2007), but she seems to want to perform on stage, too (she got that from her mom). Before signing up for ballet and tap, she wanted to know if they would be "on stage." She had also wanted to join choir to be "on stage." We're going to hold off on choir for a little bit. I think she's got enough activities going on for a five year-old. Ballet, tap, Mandarin, and violin? Phew!

You know what? Maylin didn't ask Santa for anything this year. Didn't have a reason to write a letter. She was still excited about Santa coming and set out cookies for him and wanted to wait up for him. Of course, she had to sleep and stay in bed until morning if she wanted her presents. Santa brought her one present -- a beautiful, little girl doll -- and Maylin said that that was just what she wanted. I guess Santa always knows. I'm glad Santa only brought one present because she got many other presents from family -- thank you all!

I'll post some photos soon!

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