Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Happy Stefan

Stefan is three months old today! And we already know his personality, which I think is more like John's than mine. Stefan is happy, happy, happy! Lots of smiles, cooing, joyful screaming (not very loud), and in his sleep, laughing, too. He's very easy-going and can still smile despite sitting in a dirty diaper and starving at the same time. Right now, he's sitting in his stroller and squirming with delight as I look at him. I am drinking in all these wonderful moments -- so precious.

He has begun to hold his hands together, which is so cute, and will occasionally suck on them. He can roll from his back onto his side...when he's trying to work some gas out of his system. Stefan nurses every 3-4 hours generally and is sleeping an average of 4-5 hours straight through the night.

A much easier baby than Maylin was. Maylin was demanding (I had to be with her ALL the time), serious (smiles were hard to come by), difficult to please. Everyone sees me happy and smiling, but I'm just like her -- that serious stuff is just on the inside.

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