Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Case of the Missing Gummi Bear Vitamins

Over a month ago, I discovered a pile of half-eaten gummi bear vitamins on the floor of our bathroom, in a dark corner under a cabinet. Hmmm...how did those get there? I always thought Maylin liked her vitamins, but obviously she doesn't like them anymore. When I asked Maylin about it, she said they had just dropped on the floor. I did not reprimand her -- just pretended that I believed her and had her just promise to always eat her vitamins (she takes one before she brushes her teeth every morning and night -- lately, behind a closed door). Now I realize I can't let her close the door behind her when she goes in to brush. Because yesterday, I looked inside the extra wastebasket that I keep in the cabinet underneath the bathroom sink, and found a new pile of half-eaten gummi bear vitamins. Sad, squishy things.

I think Maylin inherited this "hiding instinct" from me. When I was in third grade, I knew I had to hide my less than perfect homework assignments from my parents who only expected A's from me. But, I was found out after a parent-teacher conference when my mother asked my teacher why I didn't get straight A's in science and social science. She had never seen anything lower than an A on my papers. Ah ha. I had to reveal to my parents my stash of papers lacking the smiley-faces. Inside my desk, the bottom drawer. Oops, a few C's here and there. I remember bawling afterwards -- not from my punishment (which I don't remember but am sure was inflicted), but from the humiliation and the revelation to my parents that I wasn't absolutely brilliant. I was a perfectionist and still am. Maylin is, too, which means I can't be too tough on her because she's already tough on herself.

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