Sunday, November 04, 2007

Happy Birthday, Maylin!

Happy Birthday, Maylin!
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She's five already! Last Saturday was Maylin's birthday. We had a party at home with a few of her friends which I had started planning for a week in advance. It wasn't a fancy party, but I just wanted to make sure we had everything covered. Maylin greeted her guests with foam princess tiaras and star wands which served as party favors also. Her friends decorated those with stickers and then proceeded to her room to just be silly for a little bit. I then offered to do some face painting which was a big hit. Princesses, fairies, and a parrot. They played again (Barbies!) and then I invited them to make some pictures with felt shapes I had cut out by hand(!) to glue onto their felt flags/wall hangings (wooden dowels make the difference). Then it was cake time. I made my gateau chocolat (minus the almond powder in case of nut allergies) and served healthy snacks alongside -- strawberries, melon, and baby bananas. They didn't seem to miss the sweets. Afterwards, the kids went wild, jumping on the beds and hiding in the shower. Maylin was very, very happy and everyone was very good-natured. No tears at the party at all! Maylin opened presents after everyone left -- I thought it would prevent any awkwardness or jealousy. I found that great idea online.

We were supposed to have an origami jumping frog game, but I ran out of time. Next party.

I was exhausted for the next couple of days, recuperating from the party, where there wasn't much of a moment to relax for me. But all that work was worth it, as I'm sure most moms would agree.

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