Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Violin and ballet in Maylin's future

Cool! It seems I didn't have to worry about Maylin not taking an interest in the activities I suggested to her before. She has volunteered to study violin (with me) and ballet (at a dance school with a few classmates, if they'll agree to go along with it). I'm so excited! I'm taking Maylin to a local luthier tomorrow to check out her workshop (perhaps get some demos of the different instruments) and to get Maylin's bow (for a 1/8-size violin) rehaired. Maybe she could sell me a bow, too. I lost mine (long story -- tell you later). I might ask about cellos, too, since I've been thinking of learning for the last year.

Stefan's doing great. Much easier baby than Maylin was, or is it just that I'm more experienced now? He still nurses every two to three hours (sometimes more often) and is now big enough to ride in the baby carrier, the Baby Bjorn, which I rarely used with Maylin. I carried Maylin in a baby sling. The Baby Bjorn is great -- I can do chores around the house with Stefan attached to my torso and don't have to worry about him because he just goes to sleep most of the time. Also, now that it's been raining, I can pick up Maylin at the bus stop without having to worry about holding an umbrella and pushing a stroller at the same time (a nearly impossible feat -- and definitely uncomfortable).

On Friday, Stefan interacted with me! First of all, he looked me directly in the eyes -- whereas before, he would always look past me. This is a big deal. I sang to him and he smiled. I stuck out my tongue and he copied me! Today I talked to him and he cooed back! He is so much fun!

He seems to like my singing more than Maylin did when she was a baby. She never reacted to my music, but Stefan finds it soothing and pleasurable. It stops his crying sometimes and he listens intently. He likes Bach on the piano. I need to try some Mozart, which I played daily during the last weeks of the pregnancy. I remember him liking it in the womb -- at least I thought when he kicked while I practiced it meant he enjoyed it.

I used the words "my kids" for the first time last night on the phone and it felt foreign, but good. Yes, I'm a mother of two now! So hard to believe!

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